Finan­ced by the Inter­na­ti­o­nal Labour Orga­ni­za­ti­on, the rese­ar­ch aims to pro­du­ce coun­try case stu­di­es on mul­ti­pli­er effects of soci­al pro­tec­ti­on expen­di­tu­res on Gross Domes­tic Pro­duct, hou­sehold con­sump­ti­on, and invest­ment in seve­ral coun­tri­es, using the Struc­tu­ral VAR metho­do­logy. When used for Bra­zil, the model indi­ca­ted a rela­ti­vely high mul­ti­pli­er effect for soci­al bene­fits, com­pa­ra­ble to the level found for public invest­ments. In this pro­ject, the esti­ma­ti­on of mul­ti­pli­ers for other coun­tri­es with a metho­do­logy simi­lar to that used in Bra­zil will allow the com­pa­ri­son of results. At a time when seve­ral coun­tri­es are expan­ding their safety nets to res­pond to the effects of the Covid-19 pan­de­mic, the results obtai­ned are even more relevant.

Dura­ti­on: 2020–2022