Finan­ced by the Open Soci­ety Foun­da­ti­on, this pro­ject aims to assess the impact of fis­cal mea­su­res taken by the Bra­zi­li­an govern­ment over the past few years on the per­so­nal and func­ti­o­nal dis­tri­bu­ti­on of inco­me, paying par­ti­cu­lar atten­ti­on to the poli­ci­es rela­ted to sus­tai­ning eco­no­mic acti­vity during the Covid-19 pan­de­mic, such as Auxí­lio Emer­gen­ci­al. Further­mo­re, it intends to map nati­o­nal and inter­na­ti­o­nal ini­ti­a­ti­ves of Gre­en New Deals, com­pa­ring their spe­ci­fi­ci­ti­es and eva­lu­a­ting their pos­si­ble effects. Finally, this pro­ject aims to revi­sit the Bra­zi­li­an legis­la­ti­on regar­ding the spen­ding cei­ling, com­pa­ring it with other inter­na­ti­o­nal legis­la­ti­on and, based on this com­pa­ri­son, pro­po­sing alter­na­ti­ve sce­na­ri­os for con­trol­ling govern­ment expen­di­tu­re that are con­sis­tent with a gre­en and inclu­si­ve eco­no­mic growth. 

Dura­ti­on: 2020–2022