Finan­ced by the Samam­baia Filan­tro­pi­as, this pro­ject aims to deve­lop pro­po­sals for a tax reform in Bra­zil that gua­ran­te­es the pro­gres­si­ve inci­den­ce of taxa­ti­on, so that it beco­mes an ins­tru­ment to fight ine­qua­li­ti­es. To do so, dif­fe­rent pro­po­sals will be analy­zed, such as incre­a­sing taxa­ti­on of inco­me and wealth, redu­cing taxes on con­sump­ti­on and pro­duc­ti­on, and the pos­si­bi­li­ti­es or esta­blishing a car­bon tax that does not bur­den the poo­rest families.