Sup­por­ted by the Lau­des Foun­da­ti­on, the pro­ject intends to deve­lop and pro­mo­te pro­po­sals for expan­ding the sco­pe and incre­a­sing the effi­ci­ency of the Bra­zi­li­an soci­al pro­tec­ti­on sys­tem – whi­ch impro­ves wor­kers’ living con­di­ti­ons and makes it easi­er to pro­mo­te a just and gre­en tran­si­ti­on. More spe­ci­fi­cally, it aims to analy­ze how growing infor­ma­lity and fle­xi­bi­li­za­ti­on of labor legis­la­ti­on and wor­king arran­ge­ments are res­pon­si­ble for incre­a­sing ine­qua­lity in Bra­zil – making wor­kers more vul­ne­ra­ble and less able to demand their rights – and pro­po­se solutions.