Sup­por­ted by the Ford Foun­da­ti­on, the pro­ject is deve­lo­ped in a part­nership with the Raci­al Jus­ti­ce and Law Nucleus (NJRD) of the Getú­lio Var­gas Foun­da­ti­on, coor­di­na­ted by Thi­a­go Ampa­ro and Ales­san­dra Bene­di­to. The objec­ti­ve is to study raci­al ine­qua­li­ti­es from the pers­pec­ti­ves of Eco­no­mics and Law and their inter­sec­ti­ons. The focus is to unders­tand the effects of public spen­ding, the impact of struc­tu­ral reforms and the rede­sign of fis­cal rules, the taxa­ti­on model, among other aspects, from a raci­al perspective.