CNPq level 1A Rese­ar­ch Pro­duc­ti­vity Grant awar­ded to Gil­ber­to Tadeu Lima. The pro­ject con­ti­nu­es a rese­ar­ch agen­da that has been deve­lo­ped in recent years in the field of macrody­na­mics. Its gene­ral and spe­ci­fic objec­ti­ves are (i) Macrody­na­mics of the use and expan­si­on of the ins­tal­led pro­duc­ti­ve capa­city, inco­me dis­tri­bu­ti­on, and eco­no­mic growth; (ii) Macrody­na­mics with agent-based mode­ling (ABM); and (iii) Macrody­na­mics of eco­no­mic sta­bi­li­za­ti­on with infla­ti­on and out­put tar­gets. It con­sists of a bro­ad effort to model spe­ci­fic issu­es in the area of macrody­na­mics that starts from the epis­te­mo­lo­gi­cal assump­ti­on that macro­e­co­no­mic the­ory needs sty­li­zed models at least as much as it needs sty­li­zed facts. Through the ela­bo­ra­ti­on of models based on empi­ri­cal and the­o­re­ti­cally plau­si­ble hypothe­ses, such mode­ling allows selec­ti­on, iso­la­ti­on, and analy­sis of vari­ous mecha­nisms underlying the nexu­ses and inte­rac­ti­ons betwe­en eco­no­mic vari­a­bles of interest. 

Dura­ti­on: 2019–2024