Fernando Rugitsky

Fer­nan­do Rugitsky is a faculty mem­ber at the Depart­ment of Eco­no­mics of the Uni­ver­sity of São Pau­lo and is cur­ren­tly a Visi­ting Scho­lar at the Cen­tre of Latin Ame­ri­can Stu­di­es at the Uni­ver­sity of Cam­brid­ge. He is also a Prin­ci­pal Inves­ti­ga­tor of Meci­la (Maria Sibyl­la Meri­an Cen­tre Con­vi­vi­a­lity-Ine­qua­lity in Latin Ame­ri­ca) and a rese­ar­cher at Cene­dic (Cen­tre for the Stu­di­es of Citi­zenship Rights). He obtai­ned his PhD in Eco­no­mics at The New Scho­ol for Soci­al Rese­ar­ch (USA) and is cur­ren­tly rese­ar­ching the con­nec­ti­ons betwe­en eco­no­mic growth, inco­me dis­tri­bu­ti­on, and struc­tu­ral dyna­mics in the recent tra­jec­tory of Bra­zil. His works have been published, in English, Por­tu­gue­se, and Spa­nish, in peer-revi­ewed jour­nals like the Cam­brid­ge Jour­nal of Eco­no­mics and the Revi­ew of Key­ne­si­an Eco­no­mics and in edi­ted books. In 2018, he recei­ved an hono­ra­ble men­ti­on in an inter­na­ti­o­nal essay con­test pro­mo­ted by the Eco­no­mic Com­mis­si­on for Latin Ame­ri­ca and the Carib­be­an (ECLAC).