Vinicius Curti Cícero

Vini­cius Cur­ti Cíce­ro is a PhD stu­dent at Colo­ra­do Sta­te Uni­ver­sity (CSU). He holds a master’s degree in Eco­no­mic The­ory from the Uni­ver­sity of São Pau­lo and a bachelor’s degree in Eco­no­mics from the same ins­ti­tu­ti­on. He is inte­res­ted in macro­e­co­no­mics in gene­ral. In par­ti­cu­lar, he is inte­res­ted in issu­es rela­ted to une­ven deve­lop­ment, with a focus on tra­de rela­ti­ons and capi­tal flows betwe­en coun­tri­es or regi­ons, and the impli­ca­ti­ons for balan­ce-of-pay­ments cons­trai­ned eco­no­mic growth and struc­tu­ral change.