Rodrigo Orair

Rodri­go Orair holds a bachelor’s degree in Eco­no­mics from UFMG, a master’s degree in Eco­no­mic The­ory from Uni­camp, and is cur­ren­tly a PhD stu­dent in Eco­no­mics at FEA/USP. He is a licen­sed rese­ar­cher at the Ins­ti­tu­to de Pes­qui­sa Econô­mi­ca Apli­ca­da (IPEA), and an asso­ci­a­te rese­ar­cher at the Inter­na­ti­o­nal Policy Cen­tre for Inclu­si­ve Growth (IPC-IG). He wor­ked as Direc­tor at the Ins­ti­tui­ção Fis­cal Inde­pen­den­te do Sena­do Fede­ral. He is a spe­ci­a­list in macro­e­co­no­mics and fis­cal policy and has published coun­tless stu­di­es on topics such as public finan­ce, inco­me dis­tri­bu­ti­on, and ine­qua­lity. Reci­pi­ent of vari­ous aca­de­mic pri­zes, such as 4‑times 1st pla­ce win­ner in the Nati­o­nal Tre­a­sury Award and 2‑times 1st pla­ce win­ner of the Fede­ral Bud­get Depart­ment at the Minis­try of Plan­ning’s (SOF) Mono­graphs Prize.