Luiza Nassif Pires

Lui­za Nas­sif Pires is the direc­tor of the rese­ar­ch cen­ter on macro­e­co­no­mics of ine­qua­li­ti­es (MADE) at FEA/USP and Assis­tant Pro­fes­sor at the ins­ti­tu­te of eco­no­mics at Uni­camp. She holds a Ph.D. in Eco­no­mics from The New Scho­ol for Soci­al Rese­ar­ch and is a rese­ar­ch asso­ci­a­te in the Gen­der Equa­lity and Eco­no­mics pro­gram at the Levy Eco­no­mics Ins­ti­tu­te at Bard Col­le­ge, whe­re she lec­tu­red in the gra­du­a­te pro­grams in Eco­no­mic The­ory and Public Policy. Her main rese­ar­ch topics are femi­nist eco­no­mics, inter­sec­ti­o­nal poli­ti­cal eco­nomy, care eco­no­mics, and soci­al repro­duc­ti­on the­ory and the main rese­ar­ch methods are micro­e­co­no­me­trics, game the­ory, and input-out­put methods.



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