Dante de Souza Cardoso

Dan­te Car­do­so is a PhD can­di­da­te in Eco­no­mics at the Uni­ver­sity of São Pau­lo (USP). He holds a Mas­ter’s degree in Eco­no­mics from the Post­gra­du­a­te Pro­gram in Eco­no­mics at the Fede­ral Uni­ver­sity of San­ta Cata­ri­na (UFSC) and a degree in Eco­no­mics from the Sta­te Uni­ver­sity of Cam­pi­nas (UNICAMP). He is inte­res­ted in macro­e­co­no­mics, mone­tary eco­no­mics, fis­cal policy, growth and inco­me dis­tri­bu­ti­on, public sec­tor and eco­no­mic development.