Adriano dos Reis Miranda Laureno Oliveira

Adri­a­no Lau­re­no is a Seni­or Eco­no­mic Analyst at Pros­pec­ti­va Con­sul­to­ria. He holds a degree in Eco­no­mic Sci­en­ce from the Uni­ver­sity of São Pau­lo and a Mas­ter’s degree in Eco­no­mic The­ory from the same ins­ti­tu­ti­on. He car­ri­ed out an aca­de­mic exchan­ge pro­gram in the Tech­nis­che Unver­sität Ber­lin and was a rese­ar­ch assis­tant at FIPE. He is inte­res­ted in rese­ar­ching Macro­e­co­no­mics, Com­ple­xity, and Eco­no­mic Methodology.